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D2 Riders - What do D2 pros say about their D2s?


Peter Stetina

Really liking them! More than the straps now. I think the top of the foot retention is a more encompassing glove-like feel. As you said before.

I was most surprised by the uppers. Usually when companies cut weight, it seems to be in the uppers and then they are so flimsy that they don't hold you in well. Somehow you have managed to cut weight without sacrificing stiffness on top. Big Props. And I know all my buddies are jealous.

Talk soon
Pete Stetina - BMC Racing


Matt Cooke

"Don! The shoes are great. Just beautiful. Everyone at camp was envious. The shoes are amazing. I did a power test yesterday and I hit the highest I have been in at least two years, 400+ for 20 minutes, which is very very high no matter anywhere in the world.

I also met two other people who had your shoes on, Ken Hochman and Michael Patterson. I rode by them and said 'Nice shoes' and then started talking. Super nice guys. Michael said he needs new ones for his RAAM pretty soon, just thought I would tell you. Its a cool little club, D2 wearers.

That's it. Amazing shoes!" - Matt (Cooke), Team Exergy

Cari Higgins

"When a cycling shoe fits like a glove, there is no space wasted for extraneous movement. This means ALL power is transferred directly to the pedals. I've tried off the shelf shoes and have even added custom orthotics. There's no comparison to D2 Shoes for comfort and power transfer."