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The Testimonials - What do D2 owners say about their D2s?







Peter Stetina - "I love them! So far the (SuperFly) performance is amazing. Really stiff on the bottom. And yes, the heel cup is a lot better, with the seam covered by that comfy pad and the backs being slightly higher, the fit is more comfy and supporting.

I was most surprised by the uppers. Usually when companies cut weight, it seems to be in the uppers and then they are so flimsy that they don't hold you in well. Somehow you have managed to cut weight without sacrificing stiffness on top. Big Props. And I know all my buddies on (a different brand bike shoe) are jealous. Those things fell apart after 3 days."

Vanden Tong - "Why would I buy other bike shoes? D2s have soul."

Paul J. - "Short story – they’re spectacular. First impression was “wow”. The soft, minimalist uppers remind me of my ancient adidas Eddy Merckx Supers. Fit is perfect, insole is even better than the first pair you made for me. Feel like I’m able to get power right into the bike with no slop. I’m not sure what corrections you built in, but I feel like my feet are no longer slopping around inside the shoes and that many of the sensations of being crooked on the bike are gone. Can’t believe the sole is so stiff – there’s hardly anything there. I really don’t think I’ve had any pair of shoes fit this well and be this comfortable. Ever. Overall, wish I’d gotten them years ago."

Mark C. - "My D2s took away all the pain I’d been experiencing. If I had to wait a year for my next D2s it’d be worth it."

John S. - "I just wanted to let you know my new shoes are great! I ordered them in 2010 but due to my deployment, I was unable to use them until this year. The break in period was very brief and they are the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn. I am certain I'll be ordering a triathlon pair to complement my road shoes shortly, so please keep my mold handy!"

Brent S. - "The shoes are PHENOMENAL. They’re like soft Italian leather dress shoes that I get in Italy."

Jeff R. - "Since first donning my new D2s, I've ridden two short and two long rides comprising over 140 miles and climbed over 7,200 ft of elevation, and have nothing but joy to report. These are by far the most comfortable cycling shoes I've ever worn -- they feel like running shoes -- as well as being the coolest to look at."

Chris Carmichael - "New D2 FANGS for La Ruta... The cleats will be very helpful, love these shoes.”

Bob Roll - “hey don, hope you are doin good, the fit and function is absolutely perfect, i plan to do an outside ride this weekend if no snow hits and will hopefully have made the final micro adjusts by then, thanx again these shoes rock!- Blobstack”

Lennard Zinn - “Don has forgotten more about feet than most shoe experts ever knew. He has made me orthotics that are incredible, and he's made me a number of pairs of shoes over the years. The current ones look and feel great, AND they have two sets of cleat-mounting holes -- one for mid-foot cleat and one standard.”

Henrique T. - "I was waiting to have logged a few miles on my stealth shoes before reporting back to you. All I can say is I finally know how a well fitting shoe feels like. Wow! And to top it off, I love the stealth looks. You surpassed my expectations in every way."

Darren Lill - “Hi Don, The new shoes are totally awesome! I'm not sure how you improved on the old ones, because they were great as it was, but the new ones ROCK! Love the color too!  Thanks!"

Yarnin P. - "Dear Don, Let me first say how much I love My shoes. Never I thought I will have such shoes. Thank you for that. It is almost 2 years now from the firs pair (Supercrit). Now I have the new Superfly to dream of... they are sooooooo beautiful!!! This is a photo of my racing to second place last Saturday in Israel Sdom desert challenge."

Dave S. - "“Got the FANG. Just wanted to say they are freakin’ awesome… super comfy.”

Thom F.- "Just thought I'd pass this along.  Here is testimony to how great (and super stylish) your D2 Fang Cross shoes are.  I got them this summer and after a few adjustments they have been a revelation.  Can't thank you enough.  Here I am going wire to wire leading the 55+ men's cross race at the Santa Rosa Cup last weekend."

David Tanner - "The D2 orthotics you made for me really saved my pro career. Thanks, mate!"

Travis W. - "These are by far the nicest shoes I've ever owned, And in a who's who of custom & standard product (Lake, Rocket7, Sidi, Carnac,..).  Not bad for a first effort with the 4 hole setup!"

Marc Freemantle - "I would like to add D2 to our Team Website. It might generate interest as nobody offers anything interesting in this part of the world in regards to custom shoes that work!! Yeah i have tried everything  Bont, Rocket 7, and various other junk.  There is a few Australians making shoes but they are just to complicated and too expensive to deal with.  Let me know, and cheers."

Amit P. - "The racing was 7 days long, covered about 350 miles in the Himalayas, and had an elevation gain of 40,000 ft! I finished 1st in the master’s category (40+) and number 9 overall, wearing my new D2s!"

Brian H. - "Thanks!  These shoes are THE BEST cycling shoes I have ever had on my feet! I cringe when I have to use an alternate pair of italian cycling shoes (SIDI). Nothing even compares to the comfort and performance your product provides."

E. Schneider - “Buying D2s is one of the best investments I’ve ever made.”

Charles Manantan - “If you really love yourself (like I do) you’ll not make a better gear investment than great shoes.”

Nick Legan- "They feel fantastic! I wanted to thank you for all your time and attention. Your service is incredible."

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